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Blue Eye Trevella, deep drop fishing the continental shelf Brisbane

Frenzy Charters Brisbane

12 July 2014

Friday started with a real blast, four Snapper two Pearlies and a nice parrot on the first drop. Some of the better fish were taken by Sharks. Today good catch of pan sized Snapper, The best Snapper was around 3kg caught on the last drop.
No fishing tomorrow, strong wind warning.

7th July 2014
The northern grounds were holding pan sized Snapper up to 3 kg.
Yesterday had some fun on the Coffee Rock, out wider the current was roaring.
Added bonus plenty of Whale activity.

28th June 2014
Snapper catches improved this week, reports of Amber Jack on the wider grounds.

22nd June 2014
Friendly faces, and a fantastic few days on the water.
The current got up a little on Saturday afternoon and continued into Sunday, restricting fishing opportunities. Quality Parrot, Pearl Perch, and pan sized Snapper

1st June 2014
Searched far and wide, Snapper and Pearl Perch elusive. Should pick up with a drop in water temp. Focused on Parrot Fish (Venus Tusk Fish) a superior table fish. Dolphin Fish were thick, but small.
Glassy seas today, great start for the month.

30th May 2014
The sea was a little cranky today, strong southerly current pushing into a fresh south east breeze. Nice mixed bin of quality table fish.

25th May 2014
Smooth and glassy seas, friendly faces, I love my job.
Good run of solid Parrot, Pan sized Snapper (small pan), Dolphin Fish and Pearl Perch.

18th May 2014
Fished Deep and Shallow Tempest yesterday, sea conditions weren't to bad considering the south easterlies didn't't let up. Travelled around the top of Cape Moreton to avoid South Passage Bar on low tide (Easterly swell 2-4 meters). Great bunch of guys fished hard all day for a feed of mixed reef fish.
On a side note, when selecting sea sick medication, avoid anything with NATURAL on the pack, might work for some, but I wouldn't't  risk it.

10th May 2014
Sea conditions weren't great today with the breeze shifting around the rain squalls, good run of current to the north.
The boys had a great day out taking home a feed of pan sized Snapper, Pearl Perch and Job Fish (deep northern grounds).
Flicking back through Face Book history it was at this time 13th May that we sighted the first Hump Back Whales on there annual journey north, will 2014 be the same?






Our Brisbane based fishing charters, will target popular species such as Snapper, Pearl Perch, Red Throat Emperor, Sweet Lip, King Fish, Amberjack, Jew Fish, Wahoo, Dolphin Fish and other quality table fish.
Whether you are looking for a family fun day fishing, or an all out offshore adventure, Gary & Noelle will make every effort to see that your Brisbane fishing charter will be one you will long remember and soon want to repeat. We offer a range of fishing charters including:

  • Offshore reef fishing  duration 9 hrs, our most popular trip.
  • Extended charters may include reef, game & deep drop fishing.


A hot coffee and toast will welcome you aboard before venturing out into the ocean.
Lunch will be served during the day - Aussie BBQ plus fresh rolls (ham/roast beef & salad) soft drinks and bottled water.

Afternoon tea consisting of a Fruit Platter and Biscuits
All fishing equipment and bait is included ( guests welcome to bring along own gear ).
Both ladies and gents separate toilets on-board.
Fishing vessel is 11.5 meters long and participants can fish from bow to stern.


Upcoming Vacancies

Sunday 27th 5 places
Monday 38th 12 places
Tuesday 29th 12 places
Wednesday 30th 12 places
Thursday 31st 12 places

Monday 4th 12 places
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Saturday 30th 3 places
Sunday 31st 12 places



Monday 1st 12 places
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Wednesday 3rd12 places
Thursday 74h 12 places
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Saturday 6th 12 places
Sunday 7th 12 places

Monday 8th 12 places
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wednesday 10th 12 places
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Friday 12th 12 places
Saturday 13th 11 places
Sunday 14th 12 places

Long service leave
We're taking a break
15th September through to
October 24th


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